WE ARE RENN  is an incubator that provides marketing services, mentorship, and mindset training to female minority owned start-up businesses in the Beauty, Health and Wellness industries. Our mission is to create a platform for women, but more specifically passionate, minority women who do not have the network, foundation or platform to help take their Beauty, Health and Wellness businesses off the ground.



derives from the idea of

rebirth and prosperity.

The name has various meanings, ranging from ‘rebirth’ in French, and ‘waterlily’ in Japanese. At its core, Renn represents growth, development, and the magic of new beginnings.

We  offer a 12 month program to two businesses within the Beauty, Health and Wellness industries composed of a variety of services including digital marketing, PR and brand partnerships, all with the objective of driving awareness, engagement and sales growth as well as setting the entrepreneurs up with the tools, knowledge and skills they need for continued expansion and success upon completion of the program.

Statistically, 90% of new women-owned businesses are started by Women of Color, but only 10% grow into real successes and roughly only 2% of female businesses secure investment from VC funds, WE ARE RENN aims to change this. 


In a world where Women of Color are constantly told what to do, feel, think, be, we thought: no more. We want to open doors for these women and shatter these so-called “glass ceilings”.